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Brisbane Stone Render welcomes all your questions about feature stone limestone and cement rendering. Email us with your questions at

Brisbane Stone Render can render anywhere you like! As long as the surface is structurally sound to hold the weight of the render. We can apply any of our renders on your inside or outside walls, brick fences and retaining walls.

Before rendering a house Brisbane Stone Render thoroughly clean the surface/bricks/wall before we can start.

We tape up paths, driveways, windows, doors and other areas to prevent any splattering or spillage of the render.

After we have applied the render we clean the area to ensure your home is left clean and tidy.

Sand Finish cement render is primarily a cement-based render using either cream or grey cement. Sand finish usually requires painting to ensure the render will last.

Limestone Render is made using crushed limestone. This gives the product more strength than ordinary cement rendering. Limestone render does not require any maintenance or painting, weathers extremely well as limestone is a natural product and is highly resistant to cracking.

We strongly recommend Sand Finish render is painted, this ensures the render is protected from the elements and lasts much longer. Cement renders with a flat/smoother finish are much easier to paint.

Acrylic Render once completed is already coloured as the colour is mixed in to the render mix. You shouldn’t have to paint unless you wish to change the colour of the render at a later date.

We recommend Limestone Render is not painted. The major attraction of limestone render is it’s natural earthy tones and textures.

For a standard 4×2 home in Brisbane these are the approximate times it takes to render your home:

Sand finish:

  • Front of house: 1-2 days
  • Whole house: 1 week

Acrylic render:

  • Front of house: 2-3 days
  • Whole house: 2 weeks

Limestone render:

  • Front of house: 1-2 days
  • Whole house: 1 week+
  • Feature walls: 1-2 days

The price of rendering your house can vary greatly depending on many factors. These may include:

  • Ease of access to the areas of your house that are going to be rendered,
  • Number of corner and window areas,
  • Shape of the walls (are they square, rounded etc.),
  • Type of finish/pattern you want,
  • Type of render – limestone, cement etc.
  • Height of the walls – scaffolding needed,
  • Location – inside or outside,
  • Condition of the bricks/surface to be rendered
  • and other factors

As you can see, no formula fits all. You can try our Rendering Price List  for a guide to the approximate cost of the different types of rendering.

A guide to the approximate costs of limestone or cement render

Or simply fill out our online quote form and we’ll get back to you with more definitive answer.

The age and condition of your house is very often determined by it’s appearance. If the walls of your house are old and/or old fashioned, this can reduce the value of your property result in a poor sale price.

Limestone rendering and cement rendering is a ‘facelift’ for your home

Limestone rendering and cement rendering will dramatically increase your house’s value by modernising and bringing it into fashion and therefore resulting in appealing to buyers. There are many fake limestone/stone effects and finishes to choose from including Cottage/Colonial Stone, Retro Stone, Limestone Block, Random Block and even the new Charcoal Stone. You can see examples here.

Limestone rendering and cement rendering protects your home’s walls by forming a water barrier over the bricks and protecting the walls against cracks and water damage.

Limestone rendering and cement rendering is perfect for rejuvenating old, worn walls in poor condition. Rendering is great for repairing any cracks in the wall.

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