Cement Render

20 Years of experience

Brisbane Stone Render can cement render your home, inside or outside, in any colour and a variety of textures with our Acrylic Cement Render that never needs painting or try our most affordable Sand Cement Finish that can be painted later.

All our render can be painted using the Dulux Weathershield system. The system involves applying a green render sealer, then the render will be painted with two coats of Dulux Weathershield which has been mixed in your desired colour.

Our Cement Render patterns include:

painted cement render brisbane stone render

Acrylic cement rendering is less likely to crack due to its flexibility. Acrylic rendering is very attractive and can be applied in many ways to create different textures and styles. You could choose a finish that is smooth or textured. Another benefit of acrylic rendering is it can be applied to painted walls, concrete and more.

Brisbane Stone Render offer an all in one service which allows your house to be finished with an acrylic render in a colour of your choice without all the extra cost and high prices of hiring a painter or needing to paint the render yourself. Acrylic render only needs to be applied once and does not require additional painting over time.

painted cement rendering brisbane stone render

Sand Finish cement rendering is Brisbane Stone Render’s cheapest option to renovate and revitalise the look of a older style Brisbane home. Brisbane Stone Render can apply a cream or grey colour cement/sand based render depending on your needs.

Sand finish can be used on letterboxes, garden walls, feature walls, entry houses or any other surface that can be rendered.

sand finish cement rendering brisbane stone render

Before & After Stone render

Take a look at one of our projects before and after the work we did. You can navigate through the gallery using the buttons below: